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me. what guarantees do i have that cathedral hill doctors will see me? so far, none. what cpmc should do is increase primary-care access in our community clinics and make long- term commitments to partner with community-based clinics in providing secondary care in hospital. this would help insure many patients like myself that are able to use cpmc facilities. so far, cpmc has not agreed to any of this. our communities have the right to compete for jobs as well as health care at cpmc. thank you. commissioner miguel: thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, your honor,
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ladies and gentlemen. i am proud to present myself. hei have been in the tenderloin area for almost 20 years. i understand the situation. we must be giving back. three years ago, and i was invited to join this group, this organization, and i asked quickly if it was a good
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organization where they are building a huge hospital and housing. i said that i would join the group, so that is why i am here in front of you. very soon, this very year, my family is coming soon. -- i'm sorry to mention this. the situation is quite difficult. it is really bad.
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that is why i prepare my family to join me. that is why i only want to ask people to consider our plea to give us the opportunity so that i can how's my family. it is a big family. -- so that i can house my family. i understand that is my only chance to get my family in the house. otherwise, my big family will come, and we will be out in the streets. that is why if you will be
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considerate enough to give us a chance to approve our fleet. thank you so much. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> good day, commissioners. i have been in the tenderloin for six years. i'm here today to express my concern about the cpmc hospital. we need jobs for the residents of tenderloin. we are mostly low-income families, and many of us have been unable to find jobs. the proposed cpmc project will be an opportunity for many centers and residents to find good jobs. we want to make sure that
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employees will be hired from tenderloin residence. the people must come from the community. we also deserve to work act -- at cpmc. i demand cpmc initiate dialogue with community organizations. we want cpmc to assure us by signing an agreement saying -- commissioner miguel: thank you. [reading names] if any of you are here, please come up. if any of the names i have called are down in the north white court, if they would please come up.
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[reading names] >> commissioners, san francisco public union trade council. the environmental impact report certainly appears to be the standard environmental impact report to hit all of the usual facts, to do as well as any environmental impact report to be asked to do. i am positive that our paths available for california pacific medical center to address concerns being raised by neighbors and so on, and i have seen them in action, and i know they will continue to work to do so. i will caution that, having been before you many times before, i have some questions about
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environmental reports can multiplied into items, and we should consider a little bit of a limit to that that is imposed by the type of project we are looking at. this is a project well along in design. it is a hospital project which is far more complex and other projects we commonly built in san francisco. it is not revised up or down as readily as a condominium project, for example. it involves structural considerations and interlocking demands, mechanical and electrical systems. these are not easily change. the project has already been approved by the state office of health services, and that approval is -- the process would have to start over again of the project were substantially changed. any major changes proposed in the project is going to set it back possibly years. there are, of course, state deadlines, but there is a deadline far more important in
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that regard, and that is the one none of us can control that could come any day. i asked you to bear that in mind when you consider the possible multiplications of the environmental impact report. i will also bring a personal note to this. when my youngest son was born at what was then pacific presbyterian hospital, with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and with a heartbeat that came and went, it was a tremendous comfort to have a full range of services available in the hospital for him, and that is what this institution would do. so i ask you to consider this. thank you. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm a member of the jordan park improvement association, a longtime resident of the richmond district, and that not
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going to go into all the bullet points. i have submitted a document and e-mail the to you as well as the secretary. i had a few points here. let's start with the cpmc eir, analyzes transportation circulation and back in the immediate vicinity, in dissections located at very short distances from the product side, but when the proposed cpmc campus is also the number of parking spaces totaling 8390 spaces in the end at these newly built buildings and continues to use the existing parking spaces at various other cpmc-owned sites and leases parking spaces from neighborhood of the rogers, it has an impact in all the neighborhood with these facilities -- neighborhood garages. we have impact on the laurel hills shopping center because currently, there are not enough parking spaces at cpmc garages and nearby lots. the spills over into the jordan
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park area as well as the laurel heights neighborhoods. then, you have the 16th and de rigueur raj -- and geary garage. when they take those parking spaces, nobody can shop, and this hurts the merchants. residents around the area are circling as far out as 21st avenue, as far north as -- as far south as fulton and as far north as lake. why are the residents in the richmond having to suffer parking and congestion issues for a hospital that cannot meet parking demand? the idea of taking away residential parking zones will hit even harder on the richmond residents with people parking all day in so-called free zones. other issues involved ceqa violations, said the general plan violations, general street
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plan violations, and one thing i really would like to talk about, since we do not have much time but 48 seconds is there is a real -- rare species at the davis campus, and according to ceqa, this web button to eliminate a plant, reduce the number of a rare or endangered plant or animal, and is considered rare, and i submit to you my full report. thank you very much. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon. i stay at the hotel just two blocks away. i understand the need for progress as far as trying to create jobs and everything, but we also have to think about the health and safety of the people that live within the community, and if we increase the traffic, you will aggravate the asthma
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and heart conditions of people who already have these existing illnesses. as far as being productive, if they would hire from the same community in which they are building, then the community would also benefit, but what is the sense of earning money in the community if you cannot go to the hospital which you have built? i just want you to take a closer consideration on everything they are offering in the community before deciding to go forward with the building. thank you very much. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> good day. i'd just recap because everything everybody has said has already been said, so the first gentleman that spoke bank this board for being here. i know some of your members because i have worked with some of you, and i guess what i'm trying to say is i can only tell
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you what my experience is. i live here in the tenderloin. i took a real giant scream over someone who what i was trying to cross a street when it said what, he almost ran me over, and the thing that struck with the most is he was an older gentleman like i was, and he grabbed his head like this. i felt his sorrow almost running over, and i felt my heart pounding thinking i was going to be under the car, and this was before anything here. this is a town sanctuary, and this is the reason why i'm here. welcome the hospital. sure we need them. i thank this board for being here and existing here, and what i depend on them -- because they are a lot smarter than i am, and
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they know this job better than i could even guess, is to be accountable, and to be clear about everything, that everything is very clear and accountable with the hospital and with the feelings of the community and with people like bobby, who are concerned about the children, the families, the fresh air. all of these things is what we depend on you to do that. i'm sorry to say this, and i do not mean this as a threat because i totally respect you, but somebody has got to be accountable for it, and i depend on you to do that, and i thank you for this time. commissioner miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am on the board in san francisco japan town. we are concerned because the deior does not address or
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cultural resource, and they are only three blocks away. it serves as a cultural resource for many japanese- americans who live throughout the bay area. public transit is not a good option for many of them. they could come and visit and support merchants, and they would be threatened. this in effect will have almost the same kind of impact as the plan to build 400 condos on the center. that would demolish the garage for to the wheel up to five years. this would be somewhat similar unless cpmc has adequate and satisfactory medications under the parking issues. one of the medications was to reserve 400 spaces in the japan center. well, they already have 400
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spaces in japan center. that is for staff personally. so i do not quite understand how they could have another 400 unless they have plans to redirect their workers there, the staff to another site. that has not been explained and needs to be. the deir does not address cumulative impact on several other projects. namely, the 1481 " street project, which is proposed for 38 stories. that would have a significant impact, and that will be in the same timeframe as the cpmc project. alternative parking medication needs to be stored more fully -- explore more fully.
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but this is a very important issue for us because it means the economic survivability of our japantown merchants. they need to consider phasing the project so that the medical office building can be developed and the parking spaces used their initially and that we decrease the impact. another factor is that cpmc should force their contractors to obey the san francisco transit first policy. please have cpmc mitigate those factors. thank you. commissioner miguel: we are going to take a 10-minute break.
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